Don't Worry.. The Candles Are Coming!

UPDATE: Our candles are almost ready to be listed! We are currently in the process of producing each fragrance. Please keep checking back as they will be listed over the on-coming weeks as Spring begins to roll in. 

I know what you're thinking.. Where are the candles!? Well the reason we only have the wax melts listed at the moment is because we are ensuring all of the candles we create meet our standards when it comes to scent throw, burn time, and the overall quality you continue to expect from us. We don't want to rush the quality control portion of our products, and you certainly wouldn't want us to either!

The first candles that will be listed will be 12 oz square glass candles in the same fragrances listed in wax melts. They have wooden wicks that crackle as they burn!

If you want to try some fragrances before purchasing candles or the wax melts, be sure to order some samples first :)

Have questions, special requests, or recommendations? Get in touch with us through our 'Contact Us' page or send an email to! We always do our best to reply as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our main concern!

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